Market Research Services

Petrochemical Commercial Company (PCC), with a long history of presence in global markets, has a unique knowledge of the coordinates and characteristics of the domestic and global markets of all types of petrochemical products. Benefiting from the diversity of the product portfolio combined with a long term and extensive presence in the 5 continents of the world has made Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC) dominate the market of all types of petrochemical products (from polymers to bulk products such as fertilizers and feedstocks ) which is Not comparable with any of the domestic competitors. In addition to this, benefiting from a unique software system and the country's largest database in the field of trading petrochemical products, has provided a special position in market analysis and forecasting for the Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC).
In this regard, the "Planning Management" of the Petrochemical commercial Company (PCC) has been a leader in providing various services to the country's petrochemical industry since the establishment of the Petrochemical commercial Company (PCC), using analytical experts, and has always been recognized as a reference and a reliable source by the industry's Players.

The main field of activities

1- Price analysis and future market trends of petrochemical products Markets.
2- Preparation of market analysis reports (country, regional and global) for all types of petrochemical products.
3- Analysis of macroeconomic data and global crude oil price fluctuations and their impact on the market Petrochemical products.
4- Providing various data including supply, demand, import, export, trade balance for export target markets.
5- Providing price history charts of petrochemical products.
6- Analyzing the status of competitors and foreign companies active in the petrochemical industry
7- Consulting in the fields of investment and purchase of shares in the existing units of the countries petrochemical industry
8- Preparation of comparative reports on the export performance of petrochemical products to different markets
9- Export and Import planning
10- Consulting and obtaining the REACH standard for the export of petrochemical products to the European market, and preparation of any reports according to the case and request in the field of petrochemical products market and trade .

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