Market Research Services

Planning and Market Research Department” provides clients with the unique information they need to stay ahead of competition in today's fast paced oil, gas and petrochemical business in Iran. Our Research Specialists (with more than 15 years of related experience) have in-depth knowledge of petrochemical industry as well as Iran market features for polymers and chemicals.We will help exporters, importers, industry new-comers, and other market participants who need to achieve deeper understanding of Iranian petrochemical Industry and its markets. Our services have been listed below.

  • Identify opportunities and risks for investments in Iran oil, gas and petrochemical industry.
  •  Present Iran Supply/demand/price database for all polymers and chemicals.
  • Present Iran export/import potentials for oil, gas and petrochemical products.
  • Determine whether a project in Iran oil, gas and petrochemical industry is viable and worthwhile (pre-feasibility and feasibility studies)

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