Apadana Petro Bazargan

Apadana Petro Bazargan which was established in 1389, is one of Petrochemical Commercial Company subsidiaries in the field of oil products, gas and petrochemicals with an expert and efficient team in marketing, export, swaps, transit and production of hydrocarbons and organic solvents. The company's major products for export are 280 and 380 fuel oil, gasoline A80 and A92, base oil, bitumen and different types of products produced in the Zahedin refinery such as light and heavy hydrocarbons, hexane, industrial liquid paraffin, Paraffin wax, etc.


Apadana Petro Bazargan is committed to growth, solidarity and excellence in the oil global market. Endless efforts to achieve a business relation based on cooperation and interaction with staffs and experts, suppliers and customers let us to establish a strong foundation to move toward growth and development.
The satisfaction of all stakeholders is a goal that can only be achieved with the development of stability in operations and customer service in accordance with ethical practices and international trade law.


Precise consideration of requirements and expectations of customers and also continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and providing the best customer service are moved Apadana towards its goals.
Continuous communication among APB, staffs, suppliers and customers and also continuous improvement in processes, systems, equipment and the use of human resources are our guides in the path to reach our important ideals.