Petro Exir Kish

Petro Exir Kish is one of Petrochemical Commercial Company subsidiaries with main priority of supplying commodities, livestock inputs, auto parts and bitumen.


Creating wealth through international trading with other countries with a win-win approach.


Elite company with constant future based on innovation, improvement and scientific management.


1. Supplying basic commodities
2. Supplying livestock inputs
3. Import and export of petrochemicals
4. Auto parts
5. Bitumen
6. Financing and partnership in the food industry raw materials.


1. Petrochemical Commercial Company
2. Urmia Petrochemical Company
3. Supplying Petrochemical Industries Part Equipment and Chemical Engineering Company (SPEC)



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Tehran Commercial office:

unit 27, No38, Africa Boulv, Tehran, Iran.
P.O.Box: 15177-69513
Tell: +9821 88887991 - +9821 8878 7299
Commercial Dep.: +9821 88662058
Financial Dep.: +9821 88662059

Kish main office:

Unit 304, 3th Floor, Valfajr Building, Maisam Tamar St, Andishe Blvd, Kish Island, Iran
Tel: +98 764 44555586 - +98764 4455587– 076444555586