Supplying Petrochemical Industries Part Equipment and Chemical Engineering Company that briefly called SPEC, Established in 1998.
SPEC was established with the mission of supplying the necessary parts, equipment & chemicals for the petrochemical complexes and projects through using the domestic manufactures and specialized scientific centers.

Established : 1998

PCC’s share :100% 


  • Supplying equipment, spare parts, chemicals & catalysts to oil, gas & petrochemical industries by domestic manufacturers, transfer of technology & collaboration with reputable international companies.
  • Identification of industrial requirements and viable projects, evaluation and classification of domestic & international suppliers and manufacturers. Execution of R & D based new projects, with involvement of universities and research institutes, to maximize domestic capabilities.

    Shareholder of :

    Takht-E-Jamshid Complex ( 56 %)Products : SBR & PBR Total Capacity : 48,000 t/y

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