Company Profile

Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC) operates in the field of trading petrochemical products with more than three decades of specialized activity. This company, started working on the 14th of July 1990, as the commercial arm of National Petrochemical Company of Iran(NPC) and the first agent for the supply of petrochemical products of all petrochemical plants in Iran to the domestic and foreign markets, providing financial resources for petrochemical companies and plants, importing catalysts and equipment needed by industries, providing logistics services, etc., and is a well-known brand in the international field.
Since November of 2009, in line with the privatization and implementation of Article 44 of the country's constitution, Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC), by changing its nature from a public structure to a private one (with transfer of 52% of it's shares to Iran Investment Company(IIC)), and as a commercial company , has expanded itself in the fields of investment, commerce and finance. In addition, the remaining 45% of Petrochemical Commercial Company's shares have been assigned to the Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company(PGPIC) as one of the largest holdings in the country's petrochemical field. In 2015, this company was introduced by the Trade Promotion Organization of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade as a distinguished exporter (among the 5 top exporters in the country) and the only premium exporter in the field of petrochemical products.
In addition to this, Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC) has the record of exporting petrochemical products in the country with the export of 14 million tons of various petrochemical products worth 9.6 billion dollars in 2010.
Petrochemical Commercial Company(PCC) with it's software and hardware tools, and specialized and elite experts, having 8 companies and offices abroad, using warehouses and tanks in target markets, having a domestic and international transportation fleet and etc., is one of the most capable and progressive Iranian companies in the field of world trade. It can be said with confidence that there is no other active company in Iran with this age and expertise in the field of marketing and sales of petrochemical products, which has been able to sell in this wide and diverse volume of all kinds of petrochemical products. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this company as a reliable international brand and a national asset.

The main field and activities of Petrochemical Commercial Company (PCC) are as follows:

1. Exporting all kinds of petrochemical products, including polymer products, chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum products/metals and minerals in the form of brokerage and trade.
2. Import of general Comodities, products and feedstocks related to petrochemical industries and products required by downstream industries (especially in the polymer and chemical products sector).
3. Purchase from commodity exchange and retail sales to domestic customers.
4. Warehousing services to complexes and customers inside and outside the country (United Arab Emirates/ Jebel Ali port and China).
5. Procurement for petrochemical complexes and downstream industries through overseas companies and offices .
6. Providing research services in the field of international markets and products.
Petrochemical Commercial Company Group, looking at the holding and supply chain, always tries to be active in all directions including commerce, service and production.
The rich experience of exporting more than 100 types of petrochemical products and being an exporter to more than 60 countries of the world since the past years are among the achievements and unique features of our company(PCC).
Petrochemical Commercial Company (PCC) has 8 active companies/offices in the target markets including Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, India, Dubai, Turkey, London and Germany, and with direct presence in the markets through these companies/offices, being close to the end users and elimination of Dealers (Brokers) is trying to achieve the maximum profit margin.
The experience of tanks storaging and warehousing abroad for polymer and chemical products and carrying out retail processes in order to earn more profit are among other features and privileges of this company.
Among the other privileges and features of this company is attention to creating added value and completing the supply chain through the establishment of : Spec company, Takht Jamshid Petrochemical Co. , Petrochemical Transport Engineering(PTEC) Co. , Petro Exir Kish(PEK) Co. , Apadana Petrobazergan Co. , and 3rd Millennium Petrochemical Industry Development Co.