Polystyrene (PS)

Polystyrene which has desirable characteristic  such as good mould ability ,low moisture absorption, good dimensional stability ,good electric insulation properties ,color ability and reasonable chemical resistance, is widely used as an injection molding and vacuum forming material . Polystyrene is classified into three main categories:

1) GPPS (General purpose Polystyrene also called crystal)

2) HIPS  (High impact Polystyrene)

3) EPS    (Expandable Polystyrene) 



Melt Flow Index (gr/10min)




Extrusion: Impact dilution;Gloss layer in Co-extrusion; Anionic butadiene copolymer dilution.

Injection:Packaging articles;Medical applications ,office equipment;crisper boxes for refrigerator;Pen barrel ;cups.

HIPS 7240


Extrusion: Dairy sheet co extrusion with EVOH PE ,in dilution with crystal industrial sheet.

Thermoforming: Cups; Trays; Egg boxes; General packaging .Dilution with crystal for CD inserts, shoe heels.


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